Sunday, April 13, 2008

31 for 31

31 Facts about Nicole from the last year.

  1. I haven't cut my hair in over a year.

  2. I cannot turn away a dog in need.

  3. Trashy Reality TV still rules IMHO.

  4. I rode in a tiny tiny plane for the first time this year and LOVED it.

  5. My Fiber stash has grown so much from so many gifts, mostly from my mom. Thanks Mom!

  6. I finally tackled the horrid yellow bathroom and replaced it with lovely shades of gray.

  7. I can bake an awesome loaf of bread.

  8. I had 12 crazy days of panties.

  9. I greeted the sun more mornings then not.

  10. I learned how to needle felt, now wait till you see the Gnomes!

  11. I cooked a thanksgiving dinner like no other.

  12. I took a blog break to regroup and find my touchstones again.

  13. I have been mothering a 2nd grader, God the time comes so fast.

  14. I got to tell Casey all about Dirty Dancing and NOT change the channel.

  15. We lost a sweet sweet super dog and my heart still clinches when I see a picture of him.

  16. I drove home through the worse weather I have ever been in and was stranded from Alex for two days, two long stressful water filled days.

  17. I got crafty with fabric and my vanity chair.

  18. I helped birth a friends baby, who is now not so small and who smiles so wide when he sees me.

  19. I captured Alex's Old Soul Eyes.

  20. I gave proof that my craft hording is genetic.

  21. I touched based with a friend from WAY back int he day, first time in 17 years.

  22. I fell in love with new music.

  23. I fell in love with our new bed and flannel sheets of course.

  24. I started a garden!

  25. I went a bit more hippie.

  26. I finally made our kitchen our kitchen not just a place. And now everyone loves it even more.

  27. I baked some damn good Apple Pies.

  28. I had In-n-Out for the first time in four years. With Juno and Mister Man Love time. Perfect night.

  29. I loved ALOT.

  30. I was a good shot.

  31. I turned 31!


Karelle 9:30 PM  

Happy belated birthday sweetie. I hope it was great.

Courtney 12:27 AM  

Happy Birthday! Loved being on your list, we need more time to catch up!

lisa 12:43 AM  

Happy birthday =)

Screaming Iguana 1:42 PM  

Birthday to you...

Birthday to you...

Birthday dear youoouuuu....

Birthday to you....


gina 8:54 PM  

hope you had a great b-day, nicole!! xoxo

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