Friday, February 15, 2008

A la Mode

While waiting for the crazy ass weather we are expecting here in Texas, you must carry on with your everyday life, or you will become a weather on the 8's junkie. Which tonight included pie, Apple Pie, two of them! I discovered Grandma Ople's Apple Pie recipe at Thanksgiving, and few things have ever been so true on the internet then those reviews. I make a couple changes, and tonight doubled it all to make the two pies I need. Need, I tell you! Two, twin pies!

First you must peel and core about 6 Granny Smith's. If you have one of these thingamajigs you will love life!
Don't worry about the leftover green bits so much, because you can leave them in or not add that slice if you are picky.
And then you must cut your spiral apples in half moons because hello, it is an edible Slinky.

Oh a mega pile of apples ready to be baked. Hmmmm apples.

This recipe is not for the butter phobic folks out there.

Then get your crusts ready, which means head to your local bakery case and find these crusts, you will thank the angels above that you don't have to cut crisco into flour. These are my secret ingrediant, and I don't feel bad for using them because people ask me everytime how I make my crusts. Go Doughboy!

Then you must add various sugars to the melted butter and stir away to make caramel. Did you hear me, CARAMEL!!! of course a green spatula makes it a better caramel. Didn't you know that?

That caramel needs time to become caramel so get your crusts ready. One tip, don't fuss with folding down the crust too much because you want enough to pinch the top crust too later.

Then pile your apple slices into a crust, don't worry about making it perfect because these will cook down into glorious apple layers anyways.

Oh here comes the caramel, and this is where I am a bit different from the original recipe, I pour half my caramel over the apples and use the rest on the top layer.

Add your top crust, pinch the edges together, be sure it seals well or else all your pie juices and caramel spill out. And don't forget to make some vents. Don't blah out and just do knife slits, bust out those random cookie cutters. You know the one in the drawer way at the back.

Oh Caramel overload. Look at the yum. Pour the rest of the caramel right on top.

I brush mine around a little bit because few things in life are a tasty as caramel crust. Trust me.

I added my vent cut outs as wee stars. Just stuck them on there right into the caramel smeers.

Bake on lined cookie sheets, you REALLY want to do this. As well as have foil to cover them up with halfway through the baking, just in case the crust browns too much.

After a while you have glorious apple pies...

and instead of cutting into them, snag that wee "Lone Star" (hahahaha get it??! I swear I don't make this stuff up!) and the puddle of caramel crusty drippings and enjoy a taste preview.
Ummmm, yum.


gina 11:08 AM  

Yup, you are totally AMAZING!!

Lisa 12:13 PM  

YUM! I saw a recipe for a caramel apple pie a few months ago and figured i needed to introduce caramel into the mix. THAT looked divine, nik! i looove apples.

London jumped on my lap to see these pictures, too. Must be good!

Negs 5:08 PM  

I dont think that even Pioneer Woman has that apple thing you have!!!!

I loved this post...totally pioneer woman-esque...but i love yours more!

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