Saturday, December 15, 2007

10 Great Nights

I am being spoiled this year with a delightful basket of Christmas gifties. Casey declared that we are playing Jewish and instead of eight we are having ten nights of gifties for me! I swear I turned on the waterworks before even opening tonight's gift just because he and Alex did this for me. I love my men.

Day 15 was a fabulous pair of pink girlie boxers. I can't wait for the fashion show later. *Wink wink* I just love the buttons, so cute!

We watched Catch & Release this evening and I found myself laughing and crying and sighing and in love with this movie. I was in giddy glee what with Timothy Oliphant and Jennifer Garner and a sprinkle of "Silent Bob" thrown in. And now I want to go to Colorado and learn how to fly fish in the mist or sit on the rocks and read while Casey fly fishes and Alex throws stones into the river.

I swear I am a walking Hallmark causality right now, I have said something along the lines of this to Casey everyday for the last week, " Oh my gosh, I can't imagine how heartbreaking/sad/sweet/touching/horrible that must have been. Can you imagine?" And he always replies, "No and I hope I never do." *sigh* I love that answer. He has all ready asked me if I have been reading O magazine, but I think it is just the emotional gush of the holidays. I actually had to stop watching The Nativity story because I couldn't imagine the feelings all the various characters were going through. Can you imagine?!


courtlynne77 11:34 AM  

Those boxers are too, too cute :)

lisa 1:41 PM  


I know what you mean. I go through something similar when I watch or read. I get way too deep into the character's pysche-- I feel, I imagine, etc what they might have =)

Casey cracked me up with that O magazine comment!

gina 11:30 PM  

how sweet!!

and those boxers are killer!

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