Friday, December 14, 2007

Drizzle, Movie, Drizzle, Laundry, Drizzle, Foodie

We kept Alex home today due to his purple and blue noggin. What better excuse to stay in while it drizzles nonstop then a bruised head and the hankering to see I Am Legend. Which we loved!

Great movie, made me come home and hug each one of our dogs really hard and immediately get into a cleaning frenzy. The movie made me want to nest, set routines, create a home a safe zone from the outside world. And it made me tell Casey that our next big dog will be a German Shepard.

While it rained more and more I piled every bit of laundry I could find and started in. I am happy to say that at this moment I have not a stitch of dirty clothing and all the bed linens are in rotation. We have a hot yummy pantry raiding dinner of chicken strips (leftovers), Alfredo noodles and mixed veggies. Slowly but surely the amount of processed goods are leaving the pantry. And bit by bit I am gaining room for all the dishes and what-not's on the floor. My spice cabinet catch my eye yesterday and made me want to dig in and make menus just to use what is in there. Love me some spices. Right now I am all about the muffin makings and bread prepping. I love nesting with my family.


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