Thursday, December 13, 2007

Because seriously it is worth it...

I have been meaning to talk about a little road trip Casey and I took earlier this week. We traveled through parts of town we had only heard of, we saw sights that reminded us of seedy old school parts of Chula Vista, we navigated the notoriously confusing streets of the south east side and we finally found ourselves at the Mecca that was calling our names.

If you have one near you, you MUST make the trip. Because seriously we bought at least 20 items and only paid $116. Jeans, tee's, work shirts, shoes, a wool coat, awesome print shirts and it was all on the cheap.

I mean come on, how can you not want a pair of awesome pink ballet flats by SJP's Bitten line for $5!!! And the jeans, best fit I have ever had. And at $9.98 a pair. *gush*

So get thee to the closest S&B you can find and shop on the cheap.


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