Monday, August 27, 2007

So Soon...

How did 2nd grade come up so soon? Alex started 2nd grade today, this year he looks more like a boy then a little boy. The day started with first day excitement, a bowl of fruity pebbles, a new Tony Hawk shirt, and Daddy making Math jokes. His poor frazzled teacher got stuck in traffic and ended up showing up about 10 minutes after the bell. But she jumped right into the swing of it all, the kids were mellow and all ready working on an All About Me packet and parents slowly trickled out.

There is something about the start of the school year that makes me get all domestic. I have been doing laundry all morning, I started reorganizing Alex's closet and picked up all the crazy toys in his bedroom, usually a chore that I leave for him. I am contemplating a batch of muffins and Casey is off to finish up his root canals.

With Fall right around the corner I am starting to plan out some heavy fiber projects. Summertime is not the time to be knitting a felted gifty. Or working on a Ripple with a lap full of yarn. I have been trying to quickly finish up my summertime projects, a lightweight Granny Afghan, a french knot pillow, and a linen silk scarf. I had a Christmas panic attack yesterday when I realized that it is only 4 months away! But for today I am only going to focus on the first day of school. When pick up time comes this afternoon I want to have a special after school treat, pictures ready for Alex's family poster, and a home ready for my family.


lisa 9:22 PM  

the breath that i inhaled when that picture of Alex loaded.... wow.

<=) I miss you, Alex! I can tell you are going to rock in second grade! I wish you were in my class. XOXOXOXO

MartyGentry 11:39 AM  

aww!he is adorable!!

I KNOW! back to school time make me all domestic,too!

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