Tuesday, August 21, 2007

So he has these things called teeth

Casey has successfully finished one dentist appointment with a dentist that we both feel happy with. He left with two appointments scheduled in the next two weeks, two prescriptions that will make him feel really good, and a bill with a number at the bottom that is equivalent to three mortgage payments. It is shocking what health care costs, especially without insurance. It was even more shocking to discover how much more his prescriptions would have been if we went with the name brands. Holy heck I swear it is a scam. I must admit that it does feel good, I am sure for both of us, to finally have these issues taken care of. Looking into the next couple months though, makes me a bit queasy since this is only the first of about 4 mega expensive visits he will have. Egads.


lisa 8:31 PM  

Non-insurance hardships....sad news. It does feel good to get things taken care of though. <=/ I am looking at a couple of huge expenses and going into debt for a necessary purchase....

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