Friday, August 31, 2007

Listed just to get them out of my brain

  • Last night on Big Brother one of the chicks was talking about Owen Wilson bringing them some reward they earned. And it totally amused/startled me that they are in a total media block out and they don't know that he is having problems.
  • Casey has been a vacuuming pro this week, seriously we have emptied about two pounds worth of stuff from our Dyson, which goes to show how often I vacuum.
  • I finally got the results of my blood work. We ate the cost and shuttled me off to the doctor due to some things that have come up. Luckily my blood sugar and thyroid are great, but my Cholesterol is horrible (both the good and the bad) and I am borderline Hyper tension. So I am working on eating better, exercising, and being aware of what I consume. We have upped the whole grains in our household, which surprisingly hasn't been bad taste wise, but Lord have mercy, all this good food and veggies is working over my innards.
  • Alex's first week of school has been great, we sat in his class this morning and observed. His teacher is good, a bit scatter brained, but I have noticed that she is Very aware of all the kids and their needs. I had to fill out one of those "everything about my kid" papers, and I made sure to put on their that Alex loves to talk, but in a good way, he loves to help out int he class, and he needs some serious help with his handwriting. Over this past week i can tell that she has taken that all to heart with what he tells me about his day and what we saw this morning. She also signs all of her instructions and commands to the class. Which I really liked, we don't even have anyone in class who is deaf. BUT, the kids totally respond to her sign language, and even if they can't hear her they understand what she wants. LOVE that!
  • I got bite with a small scrapbooking bug last night when I was helping Alex with his picture collage. It made me want to start on some layouts again, but first I have to clean my workspace up, it has become the summer dumping ground. Maybe I will do that today.
  • it finally got hot enough that we had to stop using our down comforters and switch to a flannel sheet and light quilt. I love that blanket transition, because it usually only lasts about two months and by then I am ready to switch back to my goose down cloud.
  • I discovered a great lingerie site, Agent Provocateur . If you don't mind the occasional pasty and non airbrushed panty shots, this site is sure to give you some great lingerie ideas. They are mighty pricey, but oh so sexy!
  • I am reading Water for Elephants right now, a pseudo memoir of a vet's time at a circus. this book is just amazing, the images are floating through my head all day and especially at night where they have infiltrated my dreams with Elephants named Rosie, white canvas Big top tents, Orangutans that wants oranges, and box cars crammed full of workers. This book is most definitely on my top ten for the year.
  • We have Mr. Bean's vacation and Chinese food on the schedule for this weekend, gosh I love play dates!

Time to have a breakfast date with Casey and maybe squeeze in the new Halloween.


lisa 10:14 PM  

It is so interesting to read and think about Alex in a student/teacher way. =)

Glad to hear you're taking care of yourself! <3

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