Sunday, April 22, 2007

Work's in Progress

I have seven works in progress on needles and hooks right now. Two blankets, two scarfs, one booga bag, one pair of socks, one Panta ( that was supposed to go to a good friend, but *ashamed* I never finished it). For the last two weeks I have been working steadily on one of the blankets, it goes super fast since it is crocheted and I am all ready on my third large skein. I am going to jam through it in the next couple weeks to finish it up and avoid having a lap full of yarn in the summer months. then it is on to my smaller projects, especially those that are Christmas presents. I would really like to finish the summer with a nice pile of gifties done. Of course once this pile of WIP's is done, I will attach my mega stash and start another pile of projects. The one thing that makes me bite my lip in glee is the sheer amount of completely ready to roll projects I have stashed, I KNOW I learned this from my mom. Here is proof, two of her 4 cabinets for fabric. Guilty Guilty Guilty!


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