Monday, April 23, 2007

Twainers the Sneak

Our nightly pup routine consists of letting the "big dogs" aka the outside dogs into the house and then herding them into the garage after some time playing snuggling and letting them steal snacks from the Muffins food bowl. Once they are in for the night, then it is time for the Muffins routine which starts usually hours later with one more potty break outside, and then McPoop Master gets put in the garage and Betty gets to prove she has a superior bladder by sleeping in the house all night without an accident. Twain the big softie that he is, would love nothing more then to be an indoor dog, to sleep at our feet and snuggle on the beds, all 100 pounds of him.
When asked how we handle having so many dogs, we usually respond with some statement to the effect that once you have two, any extra are barely any more work. Which is true, its just more dog food, a couple more bellies to rub, and of course more output in the yard. Last night was the first time I have been duped by the five. I thought I had herded all the big dogs into the garage, but when I went upstairs to check email one last time before heading to bed ( HOURS later), I was surprised to find sneaky Twain curled up in a corner of my craft room, sleeping away his night. Sneaky bugger.
I all most thought to leave him there, but then I remembered his other favorite midnight activity, couch sleeping. Since we have just had our couch repaired and all the cushions are full and fluffy in their newly repaired glory, I had to shove Sneaky Butt into the garage to save the virginity of our couch. Poor Twainers.


gina 8:23 PM  

Twain is so cute!!

Anonymous 9:23 PM  

Thats my dog!!

lisa lu 11:14 PM  

Great picture! Twain is such a good boy.

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