Thursday, April 26, 2007

Sirens Call

I woke up this morning wanting to go right back to bed as soon as possible. But once I was downstairs, in a clean kitchen that I had taken care of the night before, I started my coffee after wrangling Alex, his breakfast, and his lunch. I was able to sustain myself with thoughts of a fresh hot pot while I took kiddo to school on a very exciting day.

It's field day today which means the kids get to do TONS of outdoor games and races for most of the day. It is pretty much the time for the PE teachers to watch hundreds of kids at once, so the teachers can get conferences done. But the kids, oh are they excited, especially one little boy who is fired up about being on the red team.

Once home, I am able to fill my favorite mug with coffee, loads of cream, and watch the swirls as I stir it all together. I load the washer up with that lonely pile of laundry that has lived in the laundry room for two weeks. I wiped down the dining table to catch the spills and drips of morning cereal. I walk the yard with the pups gathering dew on my feet and Pj pants. I contemplate taking a photo every hour today, just so you can see. I decide to do it tomorrow when I am not so distracted with thoughts of cleaning and piles of things that belong elsewhere. I come upstairs and open all the blinds in every room because nothing kills stink like sunshine. I get some cards up on my inspiration wall and I sit in silence.

No TV. No music. Just the home sounds, the whir of fans, the tick of the clock that is an hour behind still, the sound of Archie's mini woofs in his sleep at my feet, the faint growls and whines of Penny who is trying to get to the rabbits under the deck. The sounds of our life, here at home at an early hour.


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