Saturday, April 21, 2007

Things that have become me...

There are certain things that are certain peoples, like my grandmother's Zucchini bread recipe, my Mom's quilts, My sister in law's beading creations, my neighbor Phil's tamales. They are those things that you do mindlessly, the creation of them are part of you with you a HUGE part of it. Alex last night asked me where MY Cinnamon Bread was. When I answered that we were out, he asked me with carefully crafted and beguiling eyes if I could make some more. That will bring this week's total loaves to 6. I think this bread is mine.

I have friends who always ask for my chopped chicken salad when they see me or my pork medallions or scrapbook pages. Things that define/remind others or me, associations. they are comforting and never change. I love that.

I find it funny the things that I have tried to have associated with me. Like when Alex was a newborn I tried really hard to always wear some sort of body spray, so he would associate that smell with me. My mother's smell will always be Jean Nate, my great grandmothers will always be Chantilly. Lisa's smells will always be of Bath and Body Works sprays. Or panties, a thing not a smell.

Color too, we live in a heavily Blue household, I like it, it calms me, and it can be both feminine and masculine. But blue isn't the color that people think of for me. My neighbor's color is Purple, always will be purple in my mind. My Dad's color will always be Pepto Bismo Pink, because it choose it for my parents last bedroom in Cali.

Shoes, mine are always flip flops if at all possible, but for some reason my friend Misty says she only ever thinks of me in a pair of Simple sneaks that I have, I haven't even worn them in months. For me Kelly is my shoe and purse person, seriously that woman is a shoe and purse queen, I have a vivid memory of her buying the cutest pair of heels that had a small white leather flower on them. And her big old turpquoise purse that she bought with a gift card at Nordstrom's.

Casey's thing in my mind is Comedy Central, he loves that channel and it usually ends up on it most of the day when he is home. Comedy and late night laughter, like throw back your head kind of laughter, always in my mind with Casey. And Alex, well his is always Hot Wheels. ALWAYS.



And Cinnamon Bread...


lisa 4:05 PM  

I have that same memory of kelly and her shoes & bag!

there are a lot of things that are you-- i agree with all the ones you mentioned. Really i need to get together with you and beg you to scrap for me. my dreams of scrapped artistic memories are fading as quickly as my pile of photos grows.

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