Saturday, September 08, 2007

Just two inches and 16 years.

I woke up this morning with plans for a perfect breakfast of eggs, bagels, and fruit. I discovered though that our fridge door had been left open all night about two inches. Just two inches ruined 6 garbage bags of food. Everything was tossed save the watermelon. All the fresh cheeses and meats, all the condiments, all the brand new yogurts and juices. Every stinking warm as bathwater piece. So we drained and tossed it all, rushed it to the curb in time for garbage pickup, and I cleaned the fridge like the good girl that I am. I must say that is it easier to clean when it is completely empty then when you have a table full of food you are rushing to get back in there.
We headed out after a breakfast of peanut butter sandwiches, stocked up on the basics, and then headed out to see Balls of Fury. Good thing Casey and Alex enjoyed it because it was all most as dumb as Joe Verses the Volcano (which is my high point for stupid movies). Then we had an early dinner at a steakhouse complete with Rattlesnake bites, peanuts to toss on the floor and sweet tea. Happy tums all around.
Yesterday I talked with two of my best friends from as far back as middle school, they are married to each other and have an adorable little guy. Found out that Ty was contacted by the girl that I was best friends with for a couple years before she moved to Florida. God the memories that brought back. Made me think of Jughead comics, swatch phones, Brian Ty and Matt singing "You've lost that Lovin' Feeling", Sunday bagels, her mom tanning, the announcement that we were now officially part of the Gulf war and Donald Duck juice. Funny thing was that I had been thinking about her a couple months ago because I remembered that her little brother has the same middle name as Alex.
Brooke and I always seem to reminisce about high school and so and so. And it has started to make me feel old, I think I said to Brooke " Damn we are old!" about ten times before she told me to shut up. *grin* She told me about people contacting her through her myspace page and she sent me off to see their pictures and talk about Remember When's. All those pages are one of the main reason's why I refuse to setup an official MySpace page. No way no how, because then Brooke and I wouldn't have anything to send us off on a trip down memory lane.


lisa 12:49 AM  

wow! superclean fridge! I had a dream last night that you were visiting and you looked at my sinkful of dishes and said, "That's one thing I always feel good about when I come here-- your dishes aren't always done." ?? =)

That's neat about your trip down memory lane. I understand totally about myspace. I have one now, but I am virtually un-searchable by anyone who doesn't know my login name, and my contacts only consist of people I'd contact in everyday life. No moments of reminiscence avoided because of an easy and distant click.

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