Wednesday, January 16, 2008

On the Loose...

This morning Alex and I were heading out the door when we were tackled by a blond mass of puppy paws and licks. We decided to keep her safe from the rain and cars (since we saw one come within inches of hitting her) and she survived the day with our pack. No small feat.
*sigh* I just loves puppies... their floppy paws and happy eyes and tails that wag forever. This one is super sweet and cute and Alex is all ready halfway in love with her... Archie, no so much.
Oh look at those smokey eyes...
She immediately claimed the after school pile...
And the belly, give me more belly!

I gues she isn't as small as I originally thought she was... oh but look at the belly again! So sweet!


Anonymous 11:24 PM  

You have the BEST luck finding dogs! Not a single dog has strayed my way... Cats? Plenty! Grrr...


Lisa 8:56 PM  

oh no....oh no oh no oh no oh no.

I gasped when I saw the picture. I want that puppy. =(

Take care of her!!!!

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