Thursday, January 17, 2008

Meet the Love Board

Aahhh, the Love Board, the place in our home where you will find lovely messages from us all to each other, decorating the laundry room of course. Originally it was used to track bank balances and how many loads of laundry I did in a week. But then it evolved into this Master Piece of affection. And today I topped it by finally putting up the hat rack we painted, oh only, 5 months ago. No longer will Casey's hats collection be keeping my KitchenAid warm.

Lookit! One in Alex's closet too. Now there is no excuse for "I can't find my hat", because it has a place. And everyone knows if something has a place then it should be there, right?


Lisa 8:57 PM  

aw, almost a later descendant of the chalk board!


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