Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Varying stages of thaw

First I will totally concede that those of you in any state north of me, which is 99% of them can complain about the cold so much more then I. But today I have been nothing but cold. My toes have yet to get warm, I have attempted hot showers, down comforter burial, 30 minutes on the elliptical, even the bellies of puppies but nothing has warmed them up. We have rain for the first time since August and it is COLD and constant and drizzly and very gray. So physically I have been like Encino Man, mentally I am HAPPY.

This weather makes me love my home envisioning it in many shades of gray, which Casey will be happy to hear. I had a fire last night and was so happy with the crackling flames, the boy playing Lego's on the floor and snoozing puppies. I have been daydreaming of birthday parties, Valentine's Day celebrations, and baking. All happy snugly thoughts brought on by the weather.

So when the kiddo finishes up his homework, bath, prayers, and tuck-ins, I am heading for the bath with a bit of Iron & Wine, a good book, and the entire contents of our hot water heater. And I will slowly cook and turn myself into a lobster and then slather every available inch with Shea butter and envelop myself in flannel pants and tissue weight tanks, and bury myself under our down clouds with puppies warming my legs and head alternatively, and it will be warm. And so very good.


Lisa 11:52 PM  

sounds PERFECT

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