Monday, February 11, 2008

Beat that Cupid!

Two reasons why Casey is the best... these are two (of many!) random, but incrediably thoughtful things.
What's that?! In-n-Out in Texas? Casey rocks the hard freeze, all for me.
A duel screening of a very popular four letter movie that is out right now, just for me. Complete with mood lighting, potty breaks, tuck-in breaks, and two muffins tangled up in quilts.


Lisa 10:15 PM  

Very Popular Four Letter Movie is AWESOME!

And double doubles in TX?!? How's Casey's pooper? Yes, CASEYS pooper. ;-) hehehehe

gina 11:05 AM  

Casey rocks the hiz-ouse!! Yay for In-N-Out in TX! hehe

And I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! Omg, how I loved it. So good! :o)

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