Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Things I have learned so far this Thanksgiving

First Pantry Raid:

Breakfast: CEREALS, and one box was thrown away, HORRAY!!
Lunch: Soups and sandwiches and chips.

Thanksgiving Menu is in the process, today is my major prep day and I must say things are moving along swimmingly.

Things I have learned:

  • Cleaning as you go is a must.

  • Run the dishwasher continuously and you will always be happy. I am averaging about 4 loads each day this week, so far.

  • Purging the fridge before Thanksgiving shopping is a must.

  • Be prepared to go back to the store 1 more time.

  • Print all recipes early so they are ready when you are.

  • If two things can go in the oven at 350 then prep BOTH at once.

  • Deviled eggs are mighty tempting in the fridge, don't tell husband that they are done.

  • Seeing random squash seeds and mashed potato smears on my jeans at the end of the day is a good sign.

  • Nothing is better then striping down to my new favorite argyle socks and Pj's at night with a fridge of prepped food and a bag of knitting. Anyone notice how great a pair of legs can look in knee hi socks. Nice.

  • Knitting is a must at night.

  • Set your Thanksgiving table the night before, it will save you a headache the next morning.

  • BRINE your TURKEY with William Sonoma brine.

  • Brining bags can split if faced with a sharp icecube. Have bag #2 and strong husband ready.

  • Do laundry while things are roasting and baking and boiling. You will feel slightly ahead of the game.

  • Enlist menfolk to clean somewhere in the house and smile with glee over the pile of trash at the curb.

  • iPod and elipitcal time are a must after cooking all day, energy burner and aggression tactics.

  • Remember to give THANKS.

Time to check on the roasting squash and make lunch.


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