Sunday, June 03, 2007


Freckles and Lashes.
I was able to sneak my camera up during our Coldplay time tonight. A storm is rolling in and Alex wants to be snuggled between the pillows of his Mommy and Daddy, so there he is. And tonight, I was able to catch him in that sweet sleep soft stage. I traced his face, following the slopes and dips of his bones, and we both listen to the murmurs of Sparks in our ears and the creaking of the siding. With the click of a shutter his eyes slowly open and I see so much more of him.

Old Soul Eyes.


lisa 11:52 PM  

I think in some way Nicole I've been waiting for this post all day.

I've been thinking of Alex a lot-- that night I watched him sleep and breathe until you came back from a MK meeting or maybe dinner with casey. it's been on my mind like the remnants of a dream!

gina 8:30 PM  

awww, those pictures are precious. you have such a sweet boy.

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