Friday, June 01, 2007

New mug

My Father in Law sent Casey home with this new mug for me and my coffee. It has a Thomas Kinkade print of Spring Gate on it, and funny enough this is also the image of the last puzzle I did. The infamous puzzle where somehow the final piece ended up in the pocket of Lisa's hoody and she swears to this day she wasn't trying to take off with it and make sweet sweet puzzle piece romance.
Coffee, eggs, and toast are a nice way to start my day with my men my pups and piles of work to do. Now that the "work" work is done, it is time to tackle the pantry, some crazy cotton crocheting and loads of time in the sun and grass.


lisa 8:33 PM  

sweet sweet puzzle love sounded so good, though!

....but I STILL don't admit that I was trying to steal it away (though it begged me, I refused!)

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