Thursday, May 31, 2007

Not the standard here in Fiesta town

Once a week give or take a couple days, I have someone, some stranger stop me and tell me how pretty my eye color is. For the last three years, I would say thank you and then go on my way thinking that they were wacky. And then when I got four complements in a week, it finally dawned on me that my eye color, Grey with a gold center, is not common what so ever here in San Antonio where the normal color is brown or clear blue. So me with my stormy eyes stand out a bit. And for the sake of love and friendship ignore the wrinkles, stray eyebrow hairs and lack of makeup.


lisa 7:42 PM  

That's funny. I admired the shape of your brow for a second before reading the post!

Your eyes ARE lovely, Stormy! Neat post!

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