Monday, January 28, 2008

Call me Smitten

Love is on my mind lately. What with a wedding coming up, Valentine's day, birthdays, friends near and far, and cuddly puppies always ready for a snuggle, love never seems to be far from my thoughts. Especially the variations of love in my life.

For instance, I really love our new bed and I also really love our new flannel sheets. (Ya'll know my love affair with flannel.) Hmmmmm, bed sweet sweet bed.

I really really, times a Ka-Zill-ion, love my son, who is turning eight in 6 days. Like love him to no end forever and ever and ever, like love him so much it hurts and makes me ecstatic at the same time. Especially as I checked on him tonight and he sighed against my check as I kissed him good night. There is still some baby in there somewhere.

I also deeply love Casey, my Mister Man for fifteen years. It sure says something when you have loved someone for half your life. He is the best and I love learning from him. I can smile back on our crazy high school love that started in a 711 parking lot, that moved on to an apartment in Oceanside, to a hospital room and a wee baby between us, to a winery with words of I do, to a new state, to a new place in our relationship. The evolution of love between us is something that takes my breath away.

I also deeply love my parents, especially as I see them as parents to an adult (me) and mellow into time for themselves. I love that they have stuck together and have finally seen Europe together.

I love love love love love love our puppies, had to say it six times for the six of them. Every blessed tail and lick and mess and chew toy and happy face. Every one of those with us and those who have gone on.

And cupcakes, hello! Love me some cupcakes. Yay for baked goods!

I love my friends, all those old and new, near and far. I love remembering things about you, letting you know that I am thinking of you, reminding myself to tell you silly things that happen that you would understand. Knowing that we hold a comfort between ourselves that I truly cherish and love. There is no personal space with me. I am either right next to you snuggled up on the couch or I am not there.

I love my family, both blood and by friendship. I love that any call is welcomed and shared and that we can laugh so much over phone lines. I love that we love the same people and that that won't change.

I love being aware of these priorities. The people in my life who make it worth while and the small comforts that make it even more fun to share.


Lisa 11:26 PM  

wish I had the funds to visit you....


was totally thinking of birthday boy yesterday. coming up...!

Negs 1:27 AM  

I agree with Lisa. All of it.

Je t'adore!

Anonymous 12:43 AM  

I can't believe Alex is going to be 8! Where does the time go?

And when are you coming for a visit? I miss you!


gina 9:18 PM  

awww, isn't love grand?! ;o)

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