Monday, November 26, 2007

Fiber Fun...

I have been looking for a nativity, one to replace the sweet baby Jesus that Alex made out of a paper bag three years ago. Paper bag Jesus met unfortunate end last year, by the route of water and scissors. So sad. So I have been half heartedly looking over the year, more so now that the Christmas displays are up everywhere. Nothing ever quite made me say, I want that. It was all either too cutesy or to weird looking or so expensive, and some just looked so incredibly religious and pious that I felt it would be a bit out of place in our mellow religious home. So I kept looking and waiting and one day in my new favorite yarn store I saw a display for a Felted Nativity class. Oh oh oh!! I ended up taking the class and loved every second of it. I loved creating my own Mary and Joseph and my own sweet baby Jesus. Today I finished up my trio with Joseph and I am so happy with how they turned out.

To make my fiber rich day even better my exchange of yarn came in! Woo Hoo I finally have the remaining skeins needed to finish up the Christmas stockings I am making us this year. Now I need time to sit and knit. I could jam one out in 5 days, so I am goaling to get them done in about 15 days. Just in time to felt them, dry them and hang them in time for Christmas.
Today was a busy busy day, lots of errands and appointments and things to do. I rolled out of bed quick, dressed in my pre-laid out clothes, woke the Alex which in turn woke the Sammy (who slept with the boy all night, YAY!), filled up my travel mug of coffee, ushered Alex to school after getting all the ice off our car and started my errands. Archie got groomed and is now unhappily wearing his new tee shirt, it says Lord of Treats on the back. Damn I love my Princess Frou Frou. I can only get away with calling him a Princess because he is a chicken shit, he is super pretty and his tail is like a pony tail. It is so hard to not dress him in pink, he would look so cute. God help us if I ever get a Frou Frou girlie dog. I will become that lady, I promise.


lisa 9:39 PM  

Archie looks like he is okay being called a princess. =)

And I love your soft nativity. it seems so warm and mellow. I'm the total hippie but it seems to capture more of the feeling than the actually people or scripture!

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