Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stuffin' the Stuff

The view from a standard thinking spot in my kitchen.
Pantry Foodie:

Saturday Dinner:
Leftover Stuffing and Turkey mixed together with a can of Cream of Chicken and leftover gravy, baked at 400 for 30 minutes. Oh so good and freeing up fridge space.

Late night Snack: Cheese Toasties all around and popcorn with Galatica! Go Nerds!

Alex and I: CEREAL!!! Hooray!!!
Casey: Stuffing and Egg skillet, YUM

Lunch: Skipped due to early dinner

Dinner: Belated Thanksgiving at a Friends house, I even brought the leftover Thanksgiving rolls as our contribution, hooray for more out of our house!
I have been spending the night prepping for the new upcoming week. After a challenge from LeeAnn I have laid out my clothes for tomorrow as well as Alex's. I am finishing up all the loose ends I have for the many errands I am running tomorrow and tackling a mountain of laundry due to Alex's normal clothes comsumption and a huge gifty of clothes that Austin outgrew really fast. We have clothes coming out our ears. Alex even let me cut his hair, which is always a crap shoot with me, but I think this cut came out okay, not to short and pretty even. Hooray!

Sammy is finally slowing down, which means a night of sleep I hope. He sure has worn Archie out. Twain doesn't know what to make of him, but Twain has a thing for small animals, he generally ignores them with a look of fear on his face. Penny though, she has been surprising, she really likes Sammy and follows him around when she can.

Well I am off finish up my night, I 'd like to say that I am being proactive, but I am really just trying to stay not so far behind.

Anyone else realize that Christmas is 30 days away. Anyone also realize that shipping timeframe is a wee bit wonky this year since Christmas is on a Tuesday. Our ship date goal is December 10th. I refuse to get stuck with last minute overnight shipping charges again!!


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