Friday, August 17, 2007

Fri- 9am

I am off to go find a way to get Alex, my mom thinks that they are no longer flooded in because she had a newspaper this morning. Yesterday, her entire neighborhood was flooded in due to the two roads that lead into her area being completely flooded. In fact if you saw the footage on CNN of the guy stuck in the tree, that road is one of them I take to get to her house. So weird and scary. Last night the creek behind our house was the highest I have ever seen it, it sounded like white water rapids. Luckily today it is down about 15 feet, but expected to go up since we are suppose to get another 2- 5 inches. Please keep us in your prayers as we keep an eye on Dean and our rising floods waters.


lisa 1:31 PM  

and since then???

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