Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Defining rooms Part 1 The Kitchen

Today, even though I feel like the underside of an elephants foot, I decided to finally move our hutches into the kitchen. For the last four years they have been living in the front room. That sad sad front room only gets any action around Christmas time. But we decided to make the front room an exercise room, especially since our exercise equipment collection is growing. One unfortunate side effect of our hutches being in the front room, is that I have completely ignored our fabulous dishware collection. Seriously, I love my dishes, I love my crystal, I love my various vases and candlesticks. I love it. But I ignored it, for four years. I missed it. And today I decided I wanted it back.


Sorry for the crappy picture quality, at this point in the day I was still waiting for the DayQuil to kick in. Notice the extended table, the leaf has been in it since Thanksgiving. Also notice that huge plain wall, with nothing but a phone decorating it. Notice the random corner with condiments on a TV tray and our produce rack. Notice the butt ugly curtains that I still want to rip down, and would have by now, but they are wrapped around the 2x4 holding up the cornice. Notice the elliptical, lovingly angled to view the TV. Nothing beats 5 miles while watching Rock of Love.

Now, the big hutch is moved to the huge wall, all the dishes have been washed, dried, shined, and lovingly reorganized. I even brought in my most favorite cookbooks, because seriously my pantry doesn't have enough space. I can't believe I just said that last line.

Notice the absence of the elliptical, which is now in the front room along with all the other equipment. Notice the half hutch which I swear was a perfect fit for that tiny wall. I can even handle the ugly curtains for a while. Well till I decide to paint, I am still thinking about colors. Notice the regularly sized table, perfect for the three of us. It also doesn't allow a huge dumping ground of stuff. Hooray! But please, don't notice the four light bulbs burnt out on my chandler. I will get to that.

I can't say how happy I am with this switch! It has finally brought all my kitchen tableware together in one logical place. It has finally moved the elliptical out of the dining area, but sadly into a room without TV right now. But that will change once we get that room straightened up.

And the best part of all this! It was a totally FREE makeover! Hooray for money-less decorating!


Karelle 11:10 PM  

Looks great! I can't wait to see which colours you pick out - you have SUCH great taste!


Anonymous 11:34 PM  

This is GREAT! I love what you did to it. And yay use your awesome dishes.

Will you still be able to watch Rock of Love while working out? I have to be watching tv myself! ;-)


martygentry 1:24 PM  


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