Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Day 3 of 3 Off, posted 2 days late

Ah day 3, how I love you because you are a day off, but how I am sadened by you because you are the last one for... well, 2 days! And what do you know here I am at the end of the second day posting about you!

Day included business stuff, more yard work, which K was quick to point out that I need to take pictures of. But I have a really good excuse, it is super windy and um... yeah that is my excuse.

The day ended in a flurry of grocery stocking, laundry, school prepping and alarm clock setting.

And now... I get to enjoy my Tuesday night with business, committments, and a Bunko party minus the kiddo. Who will be playing rough and tumble with three brothers and a super cool sitter. At this moment we are cramming in homework, a soon to be shower, dishes, trash take out, puppy loves, and the location of my 5 singles for bunko. Bunko, seriously soccer mom-ish. But fun!


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