Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Day, for the love of extras!

Happy Leap Day is what I heard this morning in an early phone call from Casey Man. Alex and I were immediately excited as we had totally forgot that it was Leap Years extra day! to celebrate Leap Day, let me share with you a bunch of extras around our home. As well as a close to my heart leap day story.

In Celebration of Extras!
The extra flowers that some how ended up in our bags instead of the sweet old lady in front of us.
Alex's Extra seedlings that are keeping pace with our veggie seedlings.
An extra nice cup of coffee this morning.
Extra green on the trees, Spring is here!
An Extra Puppy who still "needs" a home.
Extra discipline needed for the before mentioned extra puppy. She destroyed our Chive Seedlings.
Extra pie crust and chocolate bars, what ever is a Nicole to do, but make an extra pie?! That first pie is a thank you for letting me borrow a pie plate to make apple pies. I thank nicely.
Extra crazy is what a Black and White 500 piece puzzle is. I must love Ansel Adams a lot to torture myself with this.
Extra blurry to show an extra foot that she snuck into the house.
Extra spoon holder works great as a coffee spoon catcher.
Extra scents that came with our new dishsoap, the grating at the bottom is an air freshener! That was an extra sweet surprise. So smart!

Our Leap Story
Leap day holds a special place in my heart because it was the day that I was secretly hoping for when Alex was due. His original due date was March 3rd, but he obviously came much earlier. But during my months of gestation, I would dream like any other soon to be mother about the day that my baby would find his way into the world. (Like the cheesy dramatic sentences?) It was at first with horror that I realized that Alex could truly be born on leap day, something that I initially thought up as a bad thing. But as my belly got bigger and my dreams grew upon themselves, I secretly started wishing for a leap day baby. So much so that I actually hearted that day on my baby calendar. But fate would change Alex's birthday to a month early, and I ended up completely forgetting about my secret wish for a leap baby. Until the actual leap day, and I had a reason to write on my baby calendar, which was where I recorded all of the wondrous things my baby did in his first year of life. Things like first solid food, slept through the night, and what not. And instead of entered the world on Leap Day, Alex (as I lovingly recorded in that previously hearted square) farted so hard that his diaper let out an atom bomb cloud of powder. And that is why I hold Leap Day so close to my heart, because it was the day that I realized Alex would be able to hold his own with all the other farting men in our family.


Anonymous 5:48 PM  

oooh extra special flowers-- I love those! I love all the pics.

Which chocolate pie is that?


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