Sunday, February 13, 2011

A mid February List

  • It's been unTexas like cold for the past couple of weeks. We had Snow! And more hard freezes then I can remember.
  • Gloves and scarves and hats have become part of our daily wear.
  • Flowers have popped up in places. Casey's early Valentine Tulips make me smile in each room.
  • Comfort foods like stews and potatoes and rich meats are all that we consume in this cold.
  • I had a fire in the fireplace for 3 days straight, loved it!
  • I picked up Alex and lifted him into the balloons and ribbons at the grocery store the other day. It was a perfect moment for Lucy in the sky with Diamonds to be playing. Our store has good music. :)
  • Alex had a birthday sleepover, three boys means lots of fart jokes and burping. Good times.
  • I broke my pinky toe on the birthday party night, Good Lord it hurt!
  • Tried Bikram Yoga for the first time. Even with the 104+ temps, the slave drive of an instructor, and the lack of fitness on my part, it was amazing. Totally going back, would have today, but I am so sore.
  • Casey is home with a string of local jobs, love it!
  • Garden planning, prepping, and seed starts are in full swing!


Lisa 1:14 AM  

I love love love tulips! They really bring life.

Court 7:25 PM  

Mmmm, so pretty, I love tulips!

Nicole (at) Barefoot + Smitten 9:46 AM  

Fart jokes and burps - oh, the nights I have to look forward to. ;)

I like your list. :)

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