Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pantry Purged!

 The pantry, our land of plenty, closet for beloved kitchen appliances, and the quickest spot in the house to become an absolute MESS! I spent about two hours in here tonight, purging, cleaning, stopping a sugar ant invasion, and organizing what had fallen into chaos.

Ummm, I don't know what to say.

But look at this, FLOOR!!!
 Now before ya'll get all crazy on us about the amount of food we stock, just know that we do eat it and we do rotate it each time we purchase. In fact I only found 4 items that had passed their expiration date. Woo Hoo! My mom always had a FULLY stocked pantry, fridge and freezer when I was growing up ( she still does), so this seems "normal" to me. We could eat out of here for probably 4-6 months. So if a Zombie invasion happens, we at least know we won't be eating the dogs. *grin*

Slightly Sleeping with the Enemy-ish, but we can see what we have without searching.
And yeah, my kitchen appliance and tools stock is pretty well full. In fact I actually told me mom tonight that I didn't want the newest must have from William Sonoma. I could do without it. I think she thinks I lost my mind. :)
Finally, the kid plates are up on a shelf and I only have a small corner of floorspace occupied.
 The only thing I can say about this massive pile of kitchen purge is, well, it seems so so so wasteful. It IS wasteful. And I am sorry about it. We have had many of these items for years and years, some are duplicates, some are literally hand me downs that date to the 70's ( hello yellow salad spinnner), but none of them get used .
Insane Kitchen Overload.
So into the car these will go tomorrow morning to be dropped off at Good Will with the rest of my donation collection. I know I have purged well over the 111 item goal for the challenge. I know I could purge MORE if I look in certain places in our house. I also know that this month long project has really made me think about what we have, what we use, and what we really need. Thanks Jenny for such a great growing experience!


Lisa 2:13 AM  

wow...! fascinating! I looked back & forth at the before and after at least 4 times! AWESOME

Nicole (at) Barefoot + Smitten 4:26 PM  

Kick ass, lady! KICK. ASS.

You're currently my hero.

Sarah 8:49 PM  


sunny 2:05 AM  

I'm so impressed, Nicole! GREAT job!

Jenny @ Words on Wendhurst 7:00 AM  

It's definitely true that as we get rid of stuff, it gives us motivation to keep our houses clear of junk! Thanks for participating! :-)

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