Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have you ever?

Have you ever?

  • Explained to your son that his soul is like a lit candle inside of him, and when he is crazy and wild the flame is flickering and snapping to and fro. So you teach him how to calm down and imagine his flame still and steady and lo! it shines brighter?  I have.
  • Loved your dog so much that the span of time he has left with you seems so short, so you hold tighter and focus on the fur that grows between his toes making his feet look like fur bell bottoms? I have.
  • Cooked so many varied meals in one weekend that the leftover day further in the week is like eating from a gourmet buffet? I have.
  • Dreamed of nursing a new baby, not your current baby, one who is fresh and different but so similar to your own that you wake up holding your breathe in that way that mothers have while watching their little ones at their most tender moments? I have.
  • Gone out on a limb to see if new possibilities are possible and you wait and wait and the waiting is an odd type of torture because you know once the wanted response comes, everything will change? I have.
  • Poked your finger into the soil and popped a seed into the pocket, watered it, and played hippie music to help your new plants grow? I have.
  • Felt a step ahead, but not a full step just the space of movement where you were not where you were, but you are not where you will be? I have.
  • Celebrated that it is trash day because you missed trash day last week and the can is ready to be empty? I have.
  • Missed someone who is long gone, who won't respond, who is not a good balance, but you still want to reach out again anyways? I have.
  • Paused and realized that those in your life at this exact moment are only there because you finally nurtured those who are good for you, and you see that each one is a love? I have.


Lisa 10:20 AM  

I love all the beauty in this...and I can relate to half of your list.

xoxoxo <3

Kimberly 5:55 PM  

#4 made brought tears to my eyes.... i will miss those moments when she grows up just as i miss those moments with the first

Nicole (at) Barefoot + Smitten 6:54 PM  


Court 1:59 AM  

So lovely, sometimes the things you write simply take my breath away!

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