Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What keeps us going

Twinkle Light in the morning
 Cliches have been sliding through my thoughts lately. Phrases like Hope Floats, a Man is an Island unto Himself, It's always greener on the other side of the fence, even lyrics like "Hearts and Hands and Smiles". All these unbidden ideas have been surfacing in the waters around my shores ( to continue the island idea).

When he left for work today and we exchanged Good Byes and answered final queries, I shut the door and wrapped my hands around my warm mug and thought to myself that we were islands, drifting parallel, stopping to discover each other like Unique Columbuses. We tied our anchors to each other and set down roots to hold our islands steady. Alex erupted like an undersea volcano, breaching into his own island, one that is docked between us till he is ready to drift on his own. His island wild and young, green and loud. Close to cultivating civilizations and deep dark forests. Our jobs to buffer him from the world's storms and open him to the world's calms. A trio of Islands, clustered, harboring and holding.

So what keeps us going through the storms and calms. Cliches once again rose to the surface of my mind. One after another, they based themselves on a simple concept. Easy to grasp when you do it blindly with faith. Hard to grasp when your eyes try to focus and direct.  Hope. It keeps us going with every motion and plan. We wake up and Hope that there is coffee. We plan and plot and outline the best possible course, and Hope that our life follows that chart. We send prayers and well wishes across the miles, sheltered in bubbles of Hope. We Hope that the cake tastes as good as it looks. Our trust is draped in Hope. Our love is unlimited in Hope.

I wonder what we can accomplish if we openly and purposefully see the Hope in every situation? Would the storms batter at us with duller edges? Would the sunshine be brighter and more crisp? Would our roots pull up and tangle themselves beneath our islands, nesting us together as we drift? Or would Hope thicken and deepen our roots, settling them into the core below?

 Irregardless, Hope is here. It feds us, shelters us, softens us, strengthens us. So maybe, just maybe, Hope is actually the waters that we Float upon.


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