Monday, November 29, 2010

Snippets of Love, Life and Loss

  • My Mother in Law was here during the Thanksgiving week and let me just say, I Love That Woman! She is calm and supportive and funny and open. We all miss her and can't wait to see her again.
  • Casey has been busting his ass to learn a new class to teach and test out on. Scratch that, TWO new classes to teach and test. His first test is this coming Saturday with the second having to be done by the end of year. He is literally the best study-er I have ever seen.
  • Our Grand Am blew up this weekend, it broke a piston rod, which makes it nothing but scrap to us. Luckily the service manager at our repair shop wants to buy it, so all I have to do is take him the title, sign it over, get some cash, clean out our stuff and hand over the keys. She was our growing up car, she hauled us all over the place ever since Alex was a newborn. Good memories, good car.
  • Our neighbors Yorki was hit by a car this weekend and died. We were the first ones there and Casey was in the process of moving her when they came home. It was horrible, I have never seen someone grieve like she did. The parents were out of town for the holiday week so it was just the daughters at home, both in their early twenties, but neither having had to deal with something like this before. We tried to do as much as we could to help. Casey handled the body and cleaned up the street as best as he could. I tried to direct traffic and help the younger sister help her older sister. There are so many what-ifs and I-told-you-so's for this accident, but the thing that I want to take away from it all is to make sure that our pets are always secure, collared, and safe. It was just so sad and so needless. We both came in the house and snuggled our little pups all night.
  • I have been putting together a playlist of music that MAKES me want to move. Like The Killers, Things that I have done, omg that song puts a wiggle in my pants like nothing else. And the Ranconteurs Old Enough. And HELLO Aerosmith's Dude looks like a lady! And I must admit that Fergie's Glamorous is way up there too!  All in an effort to shake my booty to a smaller size. :)
  • I finished a HUGE crochet project this past week, a gift for my SIL's. I totally forgot to get a picture of it. It feels great to wrap up a big project like that.
  • Steady work starts up for me again next week, which is FABULOUS. I am really looking forward to teaching live classes again. And a steady/bigger paycheck is always welcome.


Lisa 8:16 PM  

ugh, I cannot imagine that lost. so tragic and terrible.

The Grand Am, you're growing up, what an excellently fitting way to say that. I remember Alex in the car seat...Alex talking...Alex questioning and noticing.

On another note, i LOVE that song by the killers! Go girl!

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