Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I miss my mornings

I use to get up early before the dawn and would start my day in those quiet solo hours. I didn't do it willingly, each morning was a struggle to not hit snooze, but each morning had fabulous rewards that always outweighed the extra sleep. I use to walk in the dark, dodging frogs, watching for the sunrise. I would enjoy a morning Jackie and toast and rub puppy bellies with my foot. I would keep one ear open to the slumbering going on upstairs and the other tuned to the amount of noise I would make.

The summer stole my mornings away from me. I would instead stay up late with the crickets, floating in the pool by moonlight. I would sleep in past the sunrise and would struggle through grogginess as the hours hit the double digits. School started up again and I would rise just early enough to get Alex out the door and on the bus. But the flannel would always tempt me back to it's embrace, the sleeping Casey a lure on it's own.

As I stayed up today after the bus drop off, and forced upon myself a cup of coffee and toast, and tried to watch the sunrise, I remembered all the morning moments I have been missing. So once again I will submit myself to the torture of resetting a morning routine. I will gladly rise in the dark because I know that one morning soon, I truly will be glad to slip out of bed and into a few hours that stand apart from the rest of the day.


Kimberly 9:02 AM  

I miss my mornings too. Babytown got up early and wouldn't go back down today so I stole a morning and while I am exhausted, it is nice to catch up on my blogs. :) And man I wish I could take pictures like you!

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