Friday, September 17, 2010

How did that happen?

My desk is an absolute mess, it is covered in papers and misplaced items. There are stacks of books to be read, that have been read, and those needed for school. There are trees worth of handouts that Alex's teacher sent home and piles of junk mail that looked slightly interesting. *Read coupons for places we never go* So today, which is traditional a clean up day anyways, I am going to blow through this mess in the space of two songs. Only two songs or else I will justify keeping that coupons to the Mongolian Grill that I really didn't like.

Looking at the paper slide that is my desk I just kept asking myself, "How did that happen?". Usually my desk has at least one big open space to do school work on. The answer is simple, I had so much else to do! Casey was out of town this week on a business trip so I had the whole week to play solo parent. My week included:
  • Two nights of school, where my mom stayed with Alex.
  • Two days of teaching at home.
  • Hours of studying for the two tests, 3 papers, and 2 labs I had to complete by Wednesday.
  • Three nights of a sick Betty Dog, let me just say that I have used our carpet cleaner more in this week than I have in the last month.
  • 11 Loads of laundry, with more in the washer today.
  • Two nights of Alex ending up in our bed, just because.
  • And of course one really good book that I was dying to finish.
So that is how that Paper slide happened.


Nicole 8:46 AM  

It took me three songs, but I got rid of all the piles, went through my folders of papers, and found the tooth that Alex lost last week. Thank goodness he doesn't believe in the tooth fairy any more! Whew!

sunny 9:02 AM  

yay! you got through it!

we have the same timing. I had a clear kitchen table on Monday. By Tuesday I had ONE thing on the table and thought "uh oh... this won't be good" and I was right. By last night (thursday night), the table had manicure stuff on it, library books, coupons I'd like to use, a shopping bag from walgreens, and stuff from my purse that I dumped out. So much for a clean table!

Lisa 12:55 PM  

YEP. That is exactly how it happens! You are busy!

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