Friday, September 17, 2010

The Great Jeans Challenge

Fall is right around the corner here in Texas, so I took a look at my cold weather wardrobe and was happy to see that I have so many jeans. My absolute favorite pair of jeans bit the dust early this summer by way of a hole that tore right down the thigh. So sad. Anyways, I happily piled all my jeans, five pairs in amazingly great condition, on the bed and proceeded to torture myself with trying them on.

It was humiliating, maddening, frustrating, and a sort of physical exercise. I mean I was sweating at the end of all that work, so that counts as exercise right? At the end of my torture I ended up with two piles, one of jeans that I could wear but they were horrible uncomfortable and the results were not pretty. The other three pairs were NOT suitable for wear. AT ALL! They looked like they were painted on and even included zippers that didn't zip up.

So instead of wallowing in my fat assed-ness and going out and buying new jeans that fit, I have decided I need to lose weight simply so I can wear these jeans for Fall and Winter.

Enter the Great Jeans Challenge!

Objective: Lose enough weight to be able to wear all five jeans that I currently own AND look good in them.
Tools: My 30 day Shred DVD, walking with the dogs, and abstinence from a fourth meal of the day.
Goal Date: November 1st!


Lisa 12:54 PM  

You got this! Just remember that vision & feeling. it gets me going on the torture--I mean, exercise-- that equals fitting back into my clothes.

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