Thursday, August 05, 2010

Lugging Around

A Purse can sure tell you a lot about a person. I read a book one time, maybe it was Scruples, where a woman was judged on the contents of her purse and how tidy it was. Her purse ended up being immaculate and simple, nothing extra in it. I don't think I would pass that test. :)

The Goods:
  • My Planner ( Busy Body Book) love this darn thing!
  • Garden catalog that I looked through while at Alex's TKD practice
  • Trusty note pad
  • TKD testing application for Alex's next belt!
  • Free car wash coupon.
  • Three paint samples for the living room ( still trying to find the right one)
  • Two pens and a DS stylus
  • My Droid *XOXO this thing!*
  • Two hair clips
  • One tube of liquid stitches
  • Thumb drive
  • Liquid tears four pack for emergencies
  • Buxom Lipgloss by BE
  • Chapstick
  • Handsantizer
  • One receipt from yesterday breakfast out with Casey
  • A lone gum wrapper.
  • My wallet
  • and a smattering of spare change.


Sarah 12:23 PM  

Haha! We are on the same wavelength - I just bought a new purse because my other one was too big of a junk collector. You've inspired a blog post for me. I apologize for (once again) stealing an idea from you. I'm afraid my creativity has become stagnant after 9 days of thinking about nothing but motorcycle accidents and lawyers and chiropractors.

sunny 5:50 PM  

I took your challenge and just posted the result.

so I said you double dog dared ya. wasn't that the TONE of your email?! :)

sunny 5:51 PM double dog dared ME not yourself. *sigh* long day.

Courtney 7:00 PM  

I have a wallet in that same Vera print!

Karelle 11:18 AM  

Not particularly related to this specific post, but OMG I miss you girlie!! I've seriously neglected your blog, but I got to spend the morning catching up with you. I wish it could have been face to face over coffee (or wine!) though... Anyway, love love love your blog & love you!

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