Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Clean Sweeping, seriously where did it all come from????

Today I have the biggest urge to purge and clean and organize nooks and crannies in our home. I tackled my craft closet (again) simply because I couldn't get in there any more, and I had three laundry baskets hidden in there holding crap. It still needs a massive amount of work, but it is much more organized then it was. I am continually amazed at how much stuff I can easily let go of or throw away each time I clean it.

I then got picky about my bookcases, so I reorganized them, purged crap, cleared out the drawers and consolidated a mini bookcase and part of my yarn stash into the newly found space. Which left me with one empty bookcase and the yarn rack now filled with works in progress (they had previously been piled in a corner). The Hedgie cage is now out of the way and I can finally access my drawers and shelves without moving him around.

Two bags of trash are out in the can and three bags of donations are heading for the trunk. Yay!

I think I am in full on nesting mode, simply because I know life is about to get more complicated and I won't have time like this to organize when back in school and full time work. Plus I just keep thinking about how much STUFF we have. We trip over it for God's sake! So it's time to purge it all.

Next up:

  • Finish the craft/storage closet.
  • Organize/purge/clean the holiday closet
  • Organize/purge/clean the hall closet
  • Tackle Alex's playroom. Lord help us!
  • Organize/purge/clean the Pantry and Kitchen. Too many things!!


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