Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I made myself get off the fence!

My last post had me on a fence between two possibilities, waiting for an outcome. Well I decided to be proactive and change things up for myself. Which means...

Still going to school, but I now have 3 web classes and 2 evening classes on Monday/Wednesday.

Which means...

I can work days, which is especially important because I just gave a head hunter a go ahead to book me as much as possible for virtual gigs. She is as of right now booking my calendar up! Which is fabulous for the budget.

Which means...

We can breathe a little easier since it has been a very light year for Casey work.

It also means...

I need to create a strict daily schedule because I will be spending so much time virtually teaching and learning that I need to make myself exercise and get outside.

I am crazy... excited, giddy, hopeful, and must admit nervous that I am overwhelming myself.


Lisa 10:49 PM  

Busy Busy Busy! Kiss your bug for me and do something good for YOURSELF.

That way, you have the energy and spirit to do more when you need to.


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