Sunday, June 27, 2010

Something to make Daily Living Easier...

At the beginning of Summer, all of three weeks ago, Alex and I sat down and made a Chore Chart. We listed EVERYTHING that he is expected to do each day and broke those tasks down into Morning, Afternoon, and Evening categories. I added in a Daily Chore Focus and some encouragement on the Allowance Reminder. We got it Color Copied LARGE and laminated and it has been a GOD Send.
Seriously, how great is it to ask your kiddo to go check their chart for their morning chores, OR have them check it on their own, and see that things are just getting "magically" done on their own. Love it!
I do think the guy at Office Depot thinks we are slave drivers though. :)
We have set up some rules for his allowance, that at least half of it needs to be put into savings each month, but the other half is his to spend as he wishes. So far he has decided to save up for either a new Lego set (surprise!) or a Nerf dart gun. He also gets Bonus cash for extra projects that he can choose to take on. Like $5 for helping with my moms dog for the week when he stays over. Or tackling organization of his clothing.
Regardless, this chart thing is working great!


Sarah 7:27 PM  

You know, Rachel thrived when we used a chore chart. Cricut just released a chore chart cartridge that I've been considering getting. I think kids actually like having that kind of structure, because my nieces and nephews do a lot better when they can see what they're supposed to do rather than hearing. I wonder if it's not so overwhelming to them.

Ironically, word verification is:

sessess: (n.) Success, according to someone with an extreme lisp.

Kimberly 10:19 AM  

Love it. Saving this idea for when Kansas is a little older. Oh heck - maybe I could make one with pictures! :)

Lisa 11:31 PM  

That is quite extensive!! but I LOVE this!

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