Wednesday, June 23, 2010

No longer climbing, now we are falling...

Here, I have been here, all the time lately. My Desk, my chair, my laptop, still here. Summer session is done with week 5, I am officially at the halfway point.
Why do halfway points make me want to rush ahead into something new?
Fall is all ready registered for, five more classes, five more A's to earn. Which I am totally going to do.
The Summer Equinox was Monday, that day always makes me hyper aware of Fall, that we are now tumbling towards the end of the year, no longer climbing but falling. I like that thought... I think I am craving winter even in the midst of Summer swimming and gardening.
Once again, a halfway point, rushing towards the end.
Please excuse the melancholy bent on the blog lately. Things are different and changing and adrift, I need to keep steady.


sunny 11:24 PM  

I like this cozy picture.

And you're not alone. I think about fall about this time too.

tongfengdemao 10:52 PM  

I don't need halfway points to want to rush on to something new, either. That would be an improvement.

I think about fall, too, but unlike you, and most people I know, I see summer as at the bottom and fall as an uphill climb (the year being a square to me). For me it's a light thing to think about fall. I crave the sunshine of summer.

Life is change and waves and cycles. Embrace the melancholy and move forward with it. (Not the same as courting and encouraging melancholy.)

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