Saturday, June 19, 2010

For Laurie

My discount bin violet, $2 never looked so good.

Dear friend, friend who told amazingly funny stories. I have read your last story now, there won't be anymore coming.
Dear mother, mother who loved her son with all her being and soul and heart. I have sent your son love and prayers in your stead.
Dear woman, woman who just recently found new love. I have blown kisses and hugged air for your lover who is without you now.
Dear gardner, gardener who tended her plants and flowers with instinct and delight. I have planted a row in my soil to tend for you.
Dear Laurie, Laurie who touched so many, Laurie who loved me and who I loved. I have missed you these past days and know that someday we will meet again.
The thought of you waiting to greet me brings a smile to my face. I know you will have an amazing story for me.


Sarah 6:40 PM  

Beautiful tribute, Nicole.

Kimberly 10:33 AM  

What a beautiful tribute to your friend. I am so sorry for your loss Nicole.

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