Tuesday, June 15, 2010

When it Rains...

Yeah there has been a lot going on, hence the blogging break. Because really do you want to hear about:

  • the fact that all three cars had some sort of major hiccup over the last two weeks.
  • and our Lab ate all the beefsteak tomatoes that were two days away from perfection off the vine today.
  • and that a good friend of mine passed away this weekend at the age of 36.
  • and her death has triggered some emotional responses and fears of dying young due to poor health.
  • and that school is boring as all get out, but there are only 6 weeks left after tomorrow
  • or that work really slowed down, like snail speed.
  • and that my ENTIRE braid somehow dreaded up on itself the last time I was in the pool and it took me an hour to pick out and now I REALLY need to cut some mega length off.
  • or that we saw a scary gory motorcycle accident minutes after it happened.
  • and that all the fabulous rain we got last month has resulted in an explosion of flies, who like to come in our house.

Inhale, Exhale, Keep Going Forward.

On the Bright side (because there always is if you look)

  • Casey picked up two jobs for the month!
  • I switched house insurances and saved a BUNDLE
  • and that switched restructured our escrow account which sent us an out of balance check!
  • I am slightly car savvy enough to find the problem under the hood and confident enough to go back to the garage to have them fix it AGAIN.
  • Alex is loving his summer camp.
  • And once again, I am rocking the grades in school, 100+% in every class. Plus due to extra credit.
  • And I love my husband, he has been great through the pouring rain, I appreciate that.

Okay, Carry On Nicole!


tongfengdemao 5:06 AM  

Cars have a way of doing that all at once -- ours too!
:^D My late Lab would have done the same sort of thing. She loved fruit and tomatoes would be fruit to her.
I'm so sorry to hear about your friend!
Trust the Lord with your fears.
6 weeks can go by fast.
Don't know enough about what you do, but I always liked it busy when I worked. And I know some work needs to be busy.
Yikes.. That's enough to make me want to stay out of pools. My hair is getting thin. I don't want it short too.
I'm sorry you had to see a scary, gory accident.
Yech! I don't like flies!


Good for Casey!
Good for you!
Oh, I wish I had a little car savvy.
Good for Alex!
Good for you + !
A good husband is a treasure!

Sew Many Blessings
Needle & Fabric Art

Lisa 11:50 PM  

Ah, my friend. These are some rough things to go through. SO glad you see the positives, but ALLOW yourself to feel the sadness and fear and loss. You need to be nurtured as well, so you can be stronger through it all and do what you want to do. Sending extra love and thoughts your way...

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