Friday, July 02, 2010

Betty Watch

Our sweet Betty girl is not doing well at all. Casey found her laying down in the yard in the pouring rain. She is much more lethargic then she normally is, and that is saying something about a dog who normally naps 20 hours out of the day. She isn't eating, rarely drinking, and vomits bile frequently. Our sweet girl is in the end of her days. Now we are just trying to keep her comfortable till it's time to take her in.


sherri 12:30 PM  

How terribly heart-breaking! The loss of a loved one is tough. Giving comfort is a priceless thing...

sunny 9:02 PM  

That's so sad. Glad you can help make her more comfortable. I love the stories you've shared about Betty - and the photos too :)

Nicole 9:22 PM  

She had a rough night, getting up twice to vomit bile and then literally laying down in it. I don't think she has eaten or drank all day. She did go outside and wander around a little bit.

On top of all this, Archie our Shih tzu is now vomiting bile too. Archie though is because he needs to be groomed (schedule for Tues) and he swallows A LOT of his hair.

Thanks ladies for the comforting words, it's hard to see them so so so old and frail.

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