Saturday, May 08, 2010

One Mega May Goal completed

This weekend was supposed to be all about painting the ceiling and remaining walls but that isn't happening yet. :)

Instead I tackled our linen closet and ended bagging up a TON of pillows, old down comforters and a massive feather bed all for the trash. Now before you get all over me about donating them, seriously, NO ONE would want these. I don't even know why I was holding on to them.

At one point the upstairs hallway was stacked with the pile of pillows I pulled out of our tiny closet, 9 of them!! Why? I just keep asking myself that. So I tossed the gross ones, the ripped ones, the uncomfortable ones, and had the guys each pick one pillow for me to store in the closet for future use. I then promptly shoved those "to keep" pillows into a vacuum seal bag with a dryer sheet and stored them away. Yay!

I also took the time to go through all our towels and set aside all the ripped, frayed or stained towels to donate to the Animal Shelter. I would like to slowly switch all our towels over to All White. We are hard on towels and stains are inevitable, so being able to bleach them would be awesome. I figure as we wear out a towel I can just replace it with a new white one from Costco.

I have one non-white weakness though, Pool Towels! These I love to have in the brightest craziest patterns. I saw one at Target a couple months ago that was of goldfish, I still wish I had snagged it up. :)

So one measly mega May Goal down, tons more to go!


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