Sunday, April 25, 2010

These are the days...

Alex with a popsicle and Mr. Harry at the worst BBQ in Texas.

These are the days where the end is in sight, and the future is on the horizon and the last term paper has been submitted and every ounce of will power is needed to stay focus for three more days of school.

These are the days when my friend has had her baby and I can stop carrying around my camera and set my phone ringer back on vibrate instead of loud and I don't have to make a late night trip to the hospital where I get zero sleep.

These are the days where the weather is turbulent and the pool is starting to tempt us when it is hot and sticky, except the pool is a swamp of winter algae and debris and the upper deck is tempting all on it's own because of the flowers I planted weeks ago.

These are the days when hot meals and casseroles are being pushed aside in favor of fruit and cheese and crackers or sandwiches and yogurt or smoothies made with ripe bananas and clementines.

These are the days when my ten year old asks me with the disclaimer that he is not trying to be rude, If I have lost weight, and he is right because I have and with very little effort besides a tiny bit of kibashing on late night snacking.

These are the days when life is good and getting better and habits are becoming not just habits but ways of life.

These are good days.


Kimberly 10:28 AM  

I love that he says he's not trying to be rude. You are raising a beautiful little boy there! :)

Lisa 11:38 PM  

=) Sorry I haven't words, but I do have a smile.

Sarah 8:33 AM  


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