Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Shade Making & Book Reading = Happiness.

I had two hours before Alex got home from school today and I was ansty being inside. I had reading that needed to be done for next weeks finals and other reading that was tempting me. The sky was amazing, and the air was cool, so I did the logical thing and made a shade canopy and a nest of quilts out in the yard.
Bring in music, my blackberry, the two required readings, a passel of pups and combine it all into a perfect afternoon outside, shaded from the Texas sun, but enjoying it to the fullest.

It was lovely and a much deserved bit of relaxation as I near the end of semester.


Lisa 10:24 PM  

That looks lovely! So glad that you are taking some time to be good to yourself at semester end!

Erica W. 1:14 PM  

This both looks and sounds like an absolutely wonderful afternoon!

sunny 9:17 PM  

This looks AMAZING! I want to visit. Will you make me a similar nest in your yard?? :)

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