Friday, April 23, 2010

The Anti-Fast Food and Soda Update

Okay, on my birthday 10 days ago I gave up Soda and Fast Food. Haven't had any fast food since then and have only indulged in 2 Diet Cokes and 3 sips of Dr. Pepper. The Diet Cokes I was fine with but the Dr. Pepper was NASTY!!! Seriously I felt like I was drinking chemicals, which DUH I was. :)

Since then, I have noticed that I am not nearly as puffy as I use to be in the face. My checkbones are coming back, my jawline is more defined, and slowly my lovely chin is getting smaller. I have no idea if I have lost any weight because I haven't gone near a scale just yet. BUT I look better and FEEL better. Yay!

I am falling back in love with ice tea again though. Turns me into a highly caffinated Nicole.


Sarah 11:12 PM  

Oh, how I am so proud of you!!!

Have you considered iced chai? It's delish, divine, and oh, so delectable!

Word verification: Subla (n.) A Subway sandwich that doesn't taste good.

Lisa 11:25 PM  

iced tea is the best!

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