Monday, March 08, 2010

The Tonsil Post #1

Alex had his ENT appointment today. After one quick look down his throat the Doctor decided that he definetely needed a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. If you want a good shot of what his tonsil looks like you can see it below, beware it is slightly TMI. So surgery is scheduled on the 18th at a local out patient client that our doctor uses. We will all be glad when this is behind us.

We also discovered today that Alex has acid reflux, but it is a body response, not a food response. His poor larnyx is so red and irratated, he clears his throat all the time which is not helping his throat to heal. I was shocked when the doctor said that it was acid reflux, but after a couple months on meds and a drastically altered diet, he should be good to go. More on the acid reflux and changes we are going to make later.

On top of the last two things listed, Alex got a bloody nose last night, so today they cauterized a blood vessel in his nose. It was quick and pretty painless, he isn't even bothered by it now, but will have to have medicine swabbed in there for a couple weeks.

We also had to make a trip to Children's hospital to get a couple blood panels done for the surgery. He had a mild panic attack getting his blood drawn, just a glimpse at the nerves I think we will see on surgery day.

Today's ENT appointment has been eventful. I will post more about Alex's tonsil journey as we get closer to the appointment and afterwards. Hopefully our posts will be able to help other parents out there looking for tonsillectomy information.

Can you believe he says it doesn't hurt at all??? Crazy high level of pain tolerence on this guy.


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