Thursday, March 04, 2010

On a scale of 1 to 10, it got an Oh WOW!

I started today with the best of intentions, I was doing another daily in the life picture series. Today was a great day for it because Alex was at school, Casey and I were home, I even had a virtual teaching gig to do and some random appointments this afternoon.

I pretty much stopped taking pictures when I got a text from Casey who had taken Alex to the doctors for a last minute appointment I had made. Let me go back a couple weeks and even further than that. Alex had strep throat about 3 weeks ago, his poor throat was so red and swollen, especially the right side, it was huge. Before the strep his tonsils have always been kind of big, I always notice them and have gotten in the habit of checking them about once every other week or so. But since Alex had strep I have been keeping an eye on his throat because his tonsils where so large.

I noticed last week that the right tonsil was still very large, as big as it had been while he had strep, only it wasn't red, but there were some interesting white spots on it. Alex said it didn't hurt, so I just absent mindedly made a mental note to make an appointment with his doctor. I called Tuesday and they had a last minute appointment for today, or else we would have to wait till April to see our actual Doctor instead of a Nurse. I snatched up the time slot knowing that I wouldn't be able to make it, but I made a detailed list of symptoms that I have been noticing for a little while now.

Well as Casey puts it, as soon as the doctor looked in Alex's throat he said "Oh WOW!". He suggested draining it, but after a quick google search on my end I frantically texted to Casey that we did not want to go that route since it was very painful and only temporary, but Casey was all ready two steps ahead of me. He asked the doctor why we couldn't just get Alex's tonsils removed, which he found out the doctor wanted to do anyways. Whew!

So today we made another last minute, Lucky-for-us-someone-cancelled appointment and got a spot for this coming Monday with the Pedi ENT. Hopefully we will walk out of there with a surgery date either at the end of next week or the following week since it is Spring break. Surgery is the best thing for the situation, but I must admit I have grown serious about it all since the internets have been spewing up nightmare stories of surgeries and general anesthesia as I have been googled tonsils. *sigh*

I know he will be okay, I know I can handle all this while Casey is on two businesses trips that we booked months ago, but I am just a little worried. It's the Momma in me.

I will keep the blog updated once we know more from the Pedi ENT on Monday.


Lisa 12:36 AM  

oh my! My 19yearold cousin just got his pulled out this year! ;-)

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